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Artist Statement / Bio

What you see is not what you get. Many people use photography to attempt to capture something they see. The fact is the camera sees the world much differently than our eyes and brains do. When I look at my pictures and try to find a common theme among them, I think it is to create images that see beyond what is defined in a square frame inside a viewfinder. For me these fall into several categories: Infrared, panoramas and manipulated images.

Infrared shows how differently the world can look at wavelengths of light our eyes are not sensitive to. Our eyes see only red through violet wavelengths, but beyond there is infrared and ultra-violet. All cameras are sensitive to Infrared, but filters are applied to limit the light to the wavelengths our eyes can see. Capturing the infrared light changes the appearance of everything. Foliage becomes white, skies become dark blue and black and white photographs have a unique look.

Panoramas extend our view beyond what we would normally see in a photograph. Because a camera frame is usually square or slightly rectangular your view is forced into that small space. By stitching several pictures of the same scene, it expands to be more like what we would experience if we were there. By using a zoom lens the effect can draw us into a scene even more.

Some of the other images have been manipulated from what our eyes or a camera might see simply because I liked the effect.

Thanks for looking!

Alex Uram